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Code: FER-62514

FER-62514 | Express Inhibitor Test 50 Strips

Express Inhibitor Test 50 Strips

Water Testing & Certification


Rapid and accurate water quality assessment: Fernox Test Inhibitor Strips provide a fast and precise method for testing water quality, enabling users to quickly determine the level of inhibitor present in the system and take appropriate action to maintain optimal performance.
Easy-to-read color-coded chart: The test strips include a color-coded chart that allows for simple interpretation of results, ensuring that even users with minimal technical knowledge can understand the readings and take appropriate action.
Wide measurement range: The strips are designed to measure a broad range of inhibitor concentrations, providing comprehensive coverage for various system types and conditions. This versatility allows users to effectively monitor and maintain their systems regardless of size, age, or inhibitor brand.
Compact and portable packaging: The test strips come in a small, resealable pouch, making them easy to carry and store. This compact packaging ensures that the strips remain in optimal condition and can be conveniently transported between jobs or testing locations.

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