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Floor Heating Systems Ltd and our brand Varme ® 

We are a family run and owned business based in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. We have been supplying underfloor heating products around the world from our bases in the UK and Australia since 2001. 

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Water Underflooring Heating 

Varme Floor Heating Systems offer a comprehensive range of products for your water fed underfloor heating installation. Manifolds from 2 to 12 ports with 12, 15 & 16mm Euro connectors. Water pumps from the leading manufacturers. Pressure gauges, air vents and ball valves with temperature gauge along with piping, laying systems and accessories, everything you will need from one place. For added convenience we supply a range of manifold kits with all parts needed included. 
Varme is a trade supplier, if you are a reseller or installer of underfloor heating systems then apply for an account today and start benefitting from exceptional products, at great prices, delivered fast. 

Manifold Kits 

A complete kit of all you need, taking the thinking out of manifold selection. These popular kits are centred around our brass/nickel manifold set, with options to suit you own preferences on pipe size and pump manufacturer. 


Our customers are professionals and as such we recognise the need to provide them with what they need to do the job. Our manifold sets come as standard with: isolation valves with integral temperature gauges, auto air vent, pressure gauge, actuator ports and circuit flow meters with integral flow regulators. Our manifolds are available in a choice of stainless steel or, brass/nickel. 


Produced by the most well known and well used pump manufactures in the world, our selection of underfloor heating circulators give you confidence that the beating heart of each manifold will be functional and robust. The various manufacturer options give you choice for your brand preference, functionality and price point.  

Pipes & Eurocones 

Our standard pipe choices are PE-RT/AL/PE-RT or 3-Layer PE-RT to suit your installation preference, with an extensive range of sizes and lengths for each construction type. 
Naturally we supply Eurocones for our pipe sizes, however we wouldn't be supporting our customers well if we didn't provide Eurocone options for other pipe brands that you may prefer to use. 

Electric Underfloor Heating 

Incredibly versatile and growing in popularity, electric underfloor heating is an excellent alternative to water fed systems. Varme Floor Heating Systems stock and supply to trade customers a range of cable mats, loose cable and cable laying systems to suit all room installations. Couple this with room controls, installation materials and floor preparation and finishing compounds we are a one stop shop for electric underfloor heating. 
As a trade supplier Varme is committed to supplying high quality products at competitive pricing and we pride ourselves on a great customer service experience. To find out more and setup a trade account contact us today. 

Cable Mats 

An evlution of the loose cable kit, our cable mats use the same robust 3mm twin core cable, pre-fixed onto a grp mesh and available in two outputs, 150W/m² & 200W/m². Cable mat kits are supplied with thermostat programmer, floor sensor, sensor conduit, primer & roller. 
Sizes up to 24m² in a single kit. 

Loose Cable Kit 

The original electric underfloor heating solution, this versatile 3mm twin core heating element can be used within almost any floor construction. Our kits are supplied as a complete package to do the job, c/w thermostat programmer, floor sensor, sensor conduit, primer, roller & fixing tapes.  

Cable Laying System 

This addition to the loose cable takes the heating installation to another level of professionalism. Whilst doubling as a decoupling membrane, useful when needed for under tile and stone, the castellations of the matting provide the perfect spacing options for main heating or floor warming. The matting significantly reduces the time taken to install a loose cable system and added protection for the cable once installed. 

Underfloor Heating Controls 

For both water fed or electric underfloor heating, Varme Floor Heating Systems offer an extensive range of Heating Controls. Simple dial thermostats, digital thermostats and programmers, touch screen devices and the latest Wi-Fi remote control devices, we stock and supply any device you are likely to need. For room zoning we also provide a range of wiring centres and actuators for manifold control. 
Our range is comprehensive from leading manufacturers Heatmiser and Reliance, you can be assured of reliability and accurate heating control adding peace of mind to your projects and customers. If you are a reseller or trade installer apply for a trade account today, we look forward to supplying you everything you need for your underfloor heating business. 

Underfloor Heating Controls 

We have partnered with leading manufacturers to bring efficient and customisable controls that enhance comfort and convenience. 
These systems typically come with advanced thermostats that allow users to precisely regulate the temperature of each room or zone, ensuring optimal warmth throughout the space. 
Many systems feature intelligent learning and network capabilities, further enhancing the efficiency of the heating system as well as the user’s experience. 

Varme Controls 

Supplementing the controls produced by our main manufacturers, our own control products simple and functional. Ensuring that customer needs are met no matter what challenges a project may present.  

Heatmiser Controls 

Heatmiser's range of control systems provides unrivalled quality and performance at an everyday price point price point. 
Our partnership with Heatmiser has been running since 2005. Their support and continuous improvement of their systems allows us to confidently recommend their products to our customers, and we're proud to have such a trusted supply chain partner. 

Heatmiser Wiring Centres 

The core of the underfloor heating control system, Heatmiser's range of wiring centres privide a simple and practical method of bringing the entire heating system together. Combined with the various hubs and accessories, the heatmiser ecosystem allows greater functionality of home control than ever before, allowing the user to control their heating and many other home systems, from anywhwere in the world. 

Reliance Controls 

Reliance, a huge name in the world of piped services and heating, have their own range of control systems. Both wired or wireless, with colour options for each these control products are robust and functional. 

Reliance Wiring Centres 

To supplement their range of thermostats, Reliance wiring centres complete the control system. Further connectivity options are available utilising the Reliance gateway providing even greater flexibility for the end user. 

Laying Systems & Accessories 

We stock and supply versatile laying systems for both water and electric underfloor heating to suit a wide variety of floor construction types. From simple clip systems to fully grooved panels and castellated trays, our laying systems offer simple solutions. We have a full range of underfloor laying accessories to help make the installation effortless, saving time and providing a quality finish. 
Varme is a specialist trade supplier to the underfloor heating sector and our decades of experience mean we know what our customers need. Our robust supply chain and dependable logistics partners ensure you get what you need, when and where you need it. If you haven't experienced our exceptional service then get in touch to set up a trade account today, we look forward to working with you. 

Press Fittings 

Press-fit has become the industry standard for heating and domestic water installations. Varme Floor Heating Systems appreciate the need for fast and reliable fittings that are priced competitively. Our range of WRAS approved press-fittings is geared towards the professional installer’s needs; the job needs to be done quickly, first time and be able to trust that they won’t need to return. We are continually expanding our range to ensure our customers needs are always met. 
For reliable water underfloor heating installations combine our full range of underfloor system parts with our quick fit high quality press fittings. Varme Heating Systems is a trade only supplier, to set up a trade account and get access to our online trade ordering portal get in touch today. 

ZL-KY101 Equal Union 

ZL-KY102 Unequal Union 

ZL-KY103 Male Union 

ZL-KY104 Female Union 

ZL-KY105 Swivel Couple 

ZL-KY106 Equal Elbow 

ZL-KY107 Female Elbow 

ZL-KY108 Male Elbow 

ZL-KY109 Swivel Elbow 

ZL-KY110 Equal Tee 

ZL-KY111 Unequal Tee 

ZL-KY114 Elbow with Plate -Male 

ZL-KY115 Elbow with Plate - Female 

ZL-KY116 End Cap 

ZL-KY117 Copper Adapter 

ZL-KY118 Radiator Elbow 

General Plumbing Accessories 

We want to be your one stop trade supplier for all underfloor heating products. Our years of experience and working with trade customers we have assembled a range of complimentary plumbing tools and accessories that we know you will need to complete your customer installations. For maximum convenience set up a trade account with Varme Heating Systems today to get access to our online ordering trade portal. 

Have a question, get in touch. 

If you are a reseller or trade installer of underfloor heating systems and have a question about our products, services or trade accounts then contact us today. 
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