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Code: FER-62454

FER-62454 | Protector F1 (liquid) 265ml

Protector F1 (liquid) 265m



Fernox Protect F1 is a central heating system inhibitor that prevents corrosion and limescale buildup. It is suitable for use in all types of central heating systems, including those with non ferrous metals.
It comes in a convenient 256ml bottle that can be added directly to your central heating system without the need for complicated installations or special equipment.
Fernox Protect F1 is a cost effective solution that can help to extend the life of your central heating system, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns and repairs.
It is non toxic and environmentally friendly, making it safe to use around children and pets. Fernox Protect F1 is compatible with all types of heating system water, including hard and soft water.
It has been extensively tested and proven in the field, and has been awarded certificate for corrosion inhibition. It has been tested to Astm standards for corrosion, scale, and biocidal performance, ensuring reliable and effective results.

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