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Code: FER-61016

FER-61016 | LS-X External Leak Sealer

LS-X External Leak Sealer

Leak Sealer


Rapid sealing action: fernox Ls-X external leak sealer is designed to quickly and effectively seal small weeping joints, leaks, and pinholes in pipework systems, offering an immediate solution to prevent further water damage.
Compatible with various materials: the versatile formula of fernox Ls-X ensures compatibility with a wide range of materials, including copper, brass, steel, plastics, and ceramics, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications.
Easy to apply and mess-free: the fernox Ls-X external leak sealer is simple to apply directly from the tube, ensuring a hassle-free process. Its non-drip formula ensures minimal mess during application, allowing for a clean and efficient repair job.
Heat and pressure resistant: the fernox Ls-X leak sealer is capable of withstanding high temperatures (up to 194°F or 90°C) and pressures (up to 58 psi or 4 bar), ensuring a long-lasting and durable seal in demanding environments.

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