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TXHEBOOST | Boost Repeater for Neo and RF Series

Boost Repeater for Neo and RF Series



The Heatmiser Boost is a repeater designed to extend the communication distance of the Wireless 868mhz thermostats uh8 rf wiring centre. The Boost repeater requires 230v Live & Neutral supply. The Boost does not need to be paired to any devices on the system, the Boost only requires a 230v power supply.
Enhance the signal strength and range of your Heatmiser Neo rf heating system with the Boost Neo rf Repeater, ensuring seamless communication between devices.
Overcome potential interference and signal loss caused by structural obstacles or long distances by strategically placing the repeater within your home.
Experience reliable and uninterrupted connectivity throughout your property, enabling you to control and monitor your heating system from anywhere within range.
Effortlessly extend the coverage of your Neo rf network, providing a robust and stable connection for all Neo rf thermostats, valves, and other compatible devices.

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