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Code: ZL-8010B

ZL-8010B | Automatic Bypass Valve Straight 22mm

Automatic Bypass Valve Straight 22mm

Bypass Valve


Optimal pressure control: The 22mm automatic bypass valve (abv) provides optimal pressure control. It helps maintain a steady pressure within the heating system, reducing the risk of unnecessary strain or damage, and ensuring consistent performance.
Relief from excess flow: The abv is designed to relieve excess flow when the system is operating at maximum capacity. When certain zones or radiators are closed off, the abv opens to allow surplus water to bypass, preventing potential system overload.
Temperature resistant: Built with high-quality, temperature resistant materials, the 22mm abv can withstand high heat conditions common in heating systems, ensuring longevity and durability of the valve.
Compatibility with various systems: This versatile valve can be integrated with a wide range of domestic heating and cooling systems, making it a flexible solution for diverse residential applications.
Easy installation and maintenance: The 22mm abv features a straightforward installation process, reducing labor time and costs. Moreover, it is designed for easy maintenance, making it a practical choice for long-term use

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