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Code: ZL-2131

ZL-2131 | Actuator Head 2-Port Motorised Valves

Actuator Head 2-Port Motorised Valves

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Motorised Valve


Enhanced functionality. Our 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head is designed to efficiently control the flow of water in central heating systems, reducing energy consumption and enhancing overall performance.
Exceptional build quality. Constructed with high grade materials, this motorised zone valve head ensures prolonged durability and exceptional resistance to wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Easy installation. With its universal fit, the 22mm 2 port motorised zone valve head can be easily installed in existing central heating systems without requiring specialized tools or extensive technical know how.
Compact and efficient. Despite its compact size, this 22mm 2 port motorised valve head offers powerful performance. It features an energy efficient motor, capable of effectively controlling the water flow even under high pressure.

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