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SEN-INSTACHECKKIT | Sentinel Insta Check Kit

Immediate lab-style results with the water testing kit and accompanying app

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Water Testing & Certification

InstaCheck is the perfect solution to help meet the recent regulation changes (Part L and BS7593), requiring water quality and inhibitor testing. The kit allows quick and effective testing of heating system water quality, in accordance with guidelines set out by BS7593.

The blend of physical tests with digital app technology gives users a seamless experience and generates a water quality report with tailored recommendations for ongoing system care, according to the water test results.


  • Can be used offline, without an internet connection.
  • No annual subscription required
  • Independently approved and aligned with data protection protocols including annual penetration testing
  • The process allows the flexibility of testing for cleanliness at install (or service) as well as just an inhibitor test at service
  • Easy step-by-step testing guidance, with pictorial evidence recording facility
  • Large volume of tests per pack

Product Data Sheet

Sentinel Instacheck is a water quality testing app designed to allow heating engineers quickly and effectively test heating system water quality.

InstaCheck tests for corrosion (through dissolved copper), pH levels and inhibitor through the InstaCheck Test Kits (sold separately).

Results and guidance are provided at each step of the process to allow engineers to quickly understand and remedy any issues with system water quality (including without an internet connection). After testing the app will create a PDF that can be sent to customers and chosen contacts that allows both engineers and customers to be informed of the system water health.

Click the link below to view the Sentinel 'How To' guide to help you work through water testing using InstaCheck.
How To Guide

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