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Code: FER-62418

FER-62418 | Protector F1 Express (aerosol) 400ml

Protector F1 Express (aerosol) 400ml



Protector F1 is a market leading inhibitor which protects against corrosion and limescale formation in domestic central heating systems. Quick and convenient – doses in 30 seconds via radiator, filling loop or Fernox Tf1 System Filter – no need to drain down the system
Protects against corrosion and limescale - Non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulation, Maintains system efficiency and extends boiler life Supports boiler manufacturer’s warranty requirements
Suitable for use with all metals and materials including aluminium. Treats up to 130 litres of system water (16 radiators) and the equivalent of 250m2 of underfloor systems.
When used in conjunction with Cleaner F3 gas savings of up to 15% can be achieved every time you heat your room. High performance, non toxic, environmentally friendly – Nsf Cias, Kiwa and Belgaqua approved formulation.
Fernox Protector F1 is classified as non-hazardous for human health, but as with all chemicals, keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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