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Underfloor Heating by Varme.co.uk

We are one of the UK 's premier brands of electric underfloor heating systems.

The name 'Varme' comes from Scandinavia (the home of underfloor heating) and the literal translation means 'Warm'. The Varme range of products are sold exclusively in the UK by Floor Heating Systems Ltd through high street retailers, click here for details.

We believe that the quality of the Varme electric underfloor heating range is second to none and as testimony to this we offer a 'lifetime guarantee' against cable failures.


Underfloor Heating Cable Kit
Underfloor Heating - Varme Cable
The Varme cable kit is by far the most popular electric underfloor heating system in small confined areas such as bathrooms, whilst the larger kits offer cost savings against mats of the same size.
Underfloor Heating Varme Mat 150w
Under floor Heating - Varme Mat 150
The Varme Mat electric underfloor heating system uses the same high quality cable supplied in the kits, but comes pre-attached to a mesh so it can be simply 'rolled out' for speed of installation in large areas. The standard mat is rated at 150 watts per sqm making it ideal for installation in any rooms.
Underfloor Heating Varme Mat 200w
Underfloor Heating - Varme Mat 200
The Varme Mat 200 is rated at 200 watts per sqm , making it the perfect choice in areas of high heat loss such as conservatories.


Underfloor Heating - Varme Film  
Underfloor Heating - Varme Film
Varme film a special heating film, designed specifically for installation below wood or laminate flooring.
Underfloor heating Varme Board  
Tilebacker Board
The Tilebacker Board is a foam core insulation board with cement polymer coating on both sides, making it the perfect insulation for tiled floors.
Varme Stat
The 'brains' of the system - the latest design digital thermostat allows the user full control of both temperature and times of operation.
Varme Demister  
Varme Demister
A simple heat pad, installed directly behind the mirror, means no more misted up mirrors in the bathroom.
Varme Wetroom Systems  
Varme Wetroom Systems
The alternative to having an conventional shower system, Varme Wetrooms provide a more aesthetic looking bathroom by allowing a continuous tiled surface flush to your floor. Our systems also allow Varme underfloor heating systems to be laid underneath.
Varme Wetroom Systems  
Varme Frost Protection
Frost pretecion cables are designed to keep water and drainage pipes working and free from ice whatever the weather.

Garunteed Frost Protection.

Just one burst pipe could cost hunreds of pounds to fix and thousands in damage. Is it worth the risk?



Electric Underfloor Heating from Varme

Varme is the UK’s premier brand of electric underfloor heating, supplied and distributed exclusively by Floor Heating Systems Ltd.

For more information about Varme - click here to go to our About Us page.



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