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SALUSUFHBS | UFH Discrete Button Sensor 10kΩ @25°C

UFH Discrete Button Sensor 10kΩ @25°C

Low Profile ''Button'' Sensor Temperature Sensor


The Low Profile "Button" Sensor is ideal for locations where aesthetics are as important as the temperature measurement.

The inconspicuous wall sensor mounts easily by pushing through a 12mm hole and secured with a peel-off insulating adhesive ring. The only visible portion is a flush 22mm dot on the wall.

The Low Profile "Button" Sensor is available in white and can be painted.

Features & Options:

  • Small flush sensor mounting
  • Accurate direct air measurement
  • Paintable with latex or oil base products
  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Suitable for bathrooms/ wet rooms
  • Compatible with most thermostats with external sensing option
Temp. Output Resistance
Accuracy (Std) ±0.36°F, (±0.2°C)
Stability < 0.036°F/Year, (<0.02°C/Year)
Heat Dissipation 2.7 MW/°C
Temp. Drift <0.02°C Per Year
Probe Range -40° To 221 °F (-40° To 105°C)
Platinum (PT) 100Ω or 1kΩ @0°C, 385 Curve
Platinum (PT) 1kΩ @0°C, 375 Curve
PT Accuracy (Std). 0.12% @Ref, or ±0.55°F, (±0.3°C)
PT Stability ±0.25°F, (±0.14°C)
PT Self Heating 0.4 °C/mW @0°C
PT Probe Range -40° to 221 °F, (-40 To 105°C)
Nickel (Ni) 1kΩ @70°F, JCI Curve
Ni Probe Range -40° To 221 °F (-40 To 105°C)
Thermistor Non-Linear
RTD (PT) 3.850/°C for 1kΩ RTD 3.750/°C for 1kΩ RTD
Nickel (Ni) 2.950/°F for the JCI RTD
Wiring One Pair Of 22AWG Wires
Wire Insulation Etched Teflon Or Plenum-Rated
Mounting 12mm Hole, Push In Plastic Sheath With Peel-Off Insulating Adhesive Ring
Enclosure Material And Ratings Plastic, Nema 1, Ul94
Environmental Operating Range Unit With Etched Teflon Wire: -40 To 185°F (-40 To 85°C), Unit With Plenum-Rated Wire: -4 To 167°F (-20 To 75°C) 0 to 100% RH, Non-Condensing
Agency ROHS, CE
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