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underfloor heating  low profile panel
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18mm x 100mm cts 12mm Pipe Universal Panel
AquaLay Multiflow Panel 18mm 100mm cts

Varme Aqualay low profile panel

AQUALAY is a high performance low profile panel designed for use with water based underfloor heating systems.
Importantly it’s panels are produced with pre-set pipe channels set *100mm, and 150mm centres and comprise of 3 different panel options;
Aqualay Master Panel, Aqualay Universal Panel and Aqualay Multiflow Panel. Moreover each panel offers uniquely designed benefits that make Aqualay the perfect system for underfloor heating.

AQUALAY overlay panels are designed to provide a durable overlay pipe routing system for use with low pressure water heating and cooling systems. Moreover Aqualay provides benefits such as insulation against downward heat loss, heat transfer across pipework centres and improves warm up time. It also provides controlled spacing for pipework.
Aqualay is available with pipe channel centres set at *100mm and 150mm for 12mm diameter pipe and with 150mm centres for pipe diameters of 15mm and 16mm.

In Conclusion, the panels can be fitted onto a wide range of substrates including concrete, screed, asphalt, chipboard and plywood.

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AQUALAY  low profile panel is easy to install.
Firstly, Aqualay Master Panels are
used to cover the majority of the
floor area to be heated. Secondly, Aqualay
Universal Panels are used as pipe
return ends and for areas with difficult
layouts allowing the pipe route to be positioned with ease. These panels can be fitted onto a wide range of
substrates including concrete, screed, asphalt, chipboard and plywood.

AQUALAY  low profile panel’s are not
designed to span across floor joists and must be fully
supported by the floor which they are to cover. The panels
can be fixed using flexible cement based tile adhesive or low
expansion PU Foam in addition to screws and washers. The panels provide
an insulated floor surface with pre-set groves for pipe work.

In conclusion, when the water pipes have been fitted into the Aqualay and tested, preparation of the
Aqualay surface for the final floor finishes can begin.

Surface preparation for application of:


For domestic applications, if the floor is flat and level, tiles can be applied direct to the Aqualay Panels, however, we do recommend filling all unused channels in the Aqualay panels with tile adhesive prior to fixing tiles.

For heavy traffic areas and  projects subject to heavy loads. we recommend applying Aqualay ProTek levelling compound at a minimum 5mm thick. After That tiles can be fixed using a good quality cement based flexible tile adhesive.

N.B When choosing tiles for your floor it is important to consider point loading. Applying larger tiles improves resistance to concentrated loads. Above all tiles must be fixed using a solid bed of adhesive ensuring no voids remain under the tiles.

Engineered wood & laminate flooring:

Fill all unused groves with a good quality cement based Tile adhesive.Therefore  leaving a smooth flat surface.
Lay the Engineered wood/Laminate over the Aqualay, fit a thin layer of soft foam underlay beneath the
engineered wood.
For Projects that are subject to heavy loads, we recommend you apply a minimum 5mm layer of Aqualay ProTek levelling compound before fitting your flooring.


Apply a minimum 10mm layer Aqualay ProTek levelling compound over the entire surface,  before fitting Carpet or Vinyl flooring.

For Aqualay low profile panel product information please contact us for details and prices.


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