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Varme Carbon System with HEAT-PAK® dual overboard system

Varme Carbon System with HEAT-PAK® dual overboard system

Innovative products that challenge traditional under floor heating systems.

The Varme HEAT-PAK® and Carbon System for use under wood, vinyl and carpet flooring, brought to you by Floor Heating Systems Ltd, avoids the mess and setting time associated with traditional tile adhesives and levelling compounds.

The launch of The Varme HEAT-PAK® and Carbon System is a milestone in the underfloor heating industry because it completely transforms the way underfloor heating is installed, the waiting times endured by contractors, and the delays associated with drying times.

This underfloor heating system is approved by CE & BEAB and proves beneficial for a huge range of projects.

The Varme film carbon heating elements are composed using a uniformed carbon coating over a polyester film. Electrical energy is brought into the film from factory connected ‘cold’ cable leads, which connect to the copper strips and here, it is transformed without loss into thermal energy.

Available in two power outputs, 130 watts per m² and 160 watts per m², the carbon heating film system can be suitable for primary heating in most cases, this is dependent on the size of the room and insulation properties. The system can be controlled by one of our wide range of thermostats from a simple manual dial type to a full Wifi multi network system that works from a smart phone.

The Varme HEAT-PAK® and Carbon System is a high quality product that provides a completely hassle-free installation.

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