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Tilebacker Board

Varme Tilebacker Board Floor Insulation

Varme Board insulation boards are well suited to underfloor and under tile heating applications. Offering excellent Thermal properties, high density and moisture proof. Installed below underfloor heating cables or mats on an existing un-insulated concrete or timber floor they will greatly reduce warmup time and subsequent running costs.
Varme Board is an advanced product which saves you money by preventing heat loss into concrete floors. Varme Board is ideal for use with under-tile heating systems and being 100% waterproof is ideal for wetrooms etc.

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Varme Tilebacker Boards
Available in 7 thicknesses:- from 6 to 70mm Technical Spec Download

In a conservatory which is to have underfloor heating and to be tiled, we strongly recommend the use of insulated tile-backer boards, like Varme Board. If you are still in the planning stage, we recommend that you ask your conservatory supplier/installer to leave the base slightly lower than normal in order that you can accommodate the tile-backer. The boards are supplied in thicknesses ranging from 6mm – 70mm depending on floor thresholds and your budget.


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