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Varme In Screed Cable

Our 20w per linear metre in-screed cable is designed to be installed in a concrete screed (usually 60-100mm). The system is a primary heat source and can be used under almost any floor covering.
The output is varied by the cable spacing and usually ranges from 120-150w per sqm in a new build or extension, up to 200w per sqm in a conservatory, or where an ‘off-peak’ solution is required.
This cable is also ideal for use directly below thick stone and flagstone type flooring.
In-screed cables are a low cost solution and are designed to be used where regular constant heat is required. Where irregular heating is needed (e.g. conservatory for ad-hoc use) we recommend the under-tile system with insulation boards (or an under wood/laminate carbon film system).
Price includes heating cable, digital thermostat with floor sensor, VAT and delivery.


  • High quality cable design
  • Low cost
  • Ideal for permanent heating of screed floors
  • Also suitable for de-icing driveways
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Product CodeCable length
FHSC20 - 240
12 m
240 w
FHSC20 - 400
20 m
400 w
FHSC20 - 500
25 m
500 w
FHSC20 - 600
30 m
600 w
FHSC20 - 800
40 m
800 w
FHSC20 - 1000
50 m
1000 w
FHSC20 - 1200
60 m
1200 w
FHSC20 - 1400
70 m
1400 w
FHSC20 - 1600
80 m
1600 w
FHSC20 - 2000
100 m
2000 w
FHSC20 - 2400
120 m
2400 w
FHSC20 - 3000
150 m
3000 w
FHSC30 - 1000
32 m
1000 w
FHSC30 - 1400
48 m
1400 w
FHSC30 - 2500
80 m
2500 w
FHSC30 - 3500
129 m
3500 w

Please contact us directly for further details on our in screed cables and competitive trade prices.


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