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Varme Mirror Demisters

Finally there is a simple solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom. With a simple to install mirror demister you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair or putting on make up.

Running costs are negligible – based on one hours use per day, an average demister will cost just 2-3 pence per week to run – a small price to pay for permanent mist free mirrors!
Mirror Demister Installation Instructions (.pdf)

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Our standard stocked sizes are below, but other sizes can be manufactured to order, subject to minimum quantities: please contact us for details and prices.

Product CodeOutput
MH 7010
12 w
252 x 274 mm
MH 7020
28 w
274 x 574 mm
MH 7030
50 w
519 x 524 mm
MH 7035
80 w
812 x 524 mm
MH 7040
100 w
1004 x 524 mm
MH 7050
150 w
1506 x 524 mm


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