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Varme Loose LayVarme Loose Lay sample
Varme Loose Lay

Varme loose lay system for cable kits

The Varme Loose Laying system.

Thanks to the uncoupling protection and
crack isolating properties of the Varme-E
membrane, it is possible to install an
electric underfloor heating system over a
variety of difficult substrates such as
chipboard, green or cracked screeds.

Features and Benefits 

  • Simple underfloor heating installation
  • Uncoupling properties
  • Waterproofing membrane
  • Low buildup of just 5.5mm
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safe for use in wet areas



Varme Cable Instructions (.pdf)

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Size Chart for Cable Kits
Product CodeOutput (Watts)Cable Length (meters)Ideal Room Coverage
TPC150150 w15 m1 - 1.2 sqm
TPC250250 w25 m1.3 - 2 sqm
TPC350350 w35 m2.1 - 2.8 sqm
TPC450450 w45 m2.9 - 3.5 sqm
TPC550550 w55 m3.6 - 4.1 sqm
TPC650650 w65 m4.2 - 4.8 sqm
TPC750750 w75 m4.9 - 5.8 sqm
TPC900900 w90 m5.9 - 6.9 sqm
TPC11001100 w110 m7.0 - 9.0 sqm
TPC13001300 w130 m8.0 - 10.0 sqm
TPC15001500 w150 m9.5 - 11.5 sqm
TPC18001800 w180 m11.6 - 13.5 sqm
TPC20002000 w110 m + 90 m13.0 - 15.0 sqm
TPC22002200 w2 x 110 m14.0 - 17.0 sqm
TPC24002400 w130 m + 110 m16.0 - 19.0 sqm
TPC26002600 w2 x 130 m17.0 - 20 sqm
TPC28002800 w150 m + 130 m18.5 - 22.0 sqm
TPC30003000 w2 x 150 m20.0 - 23.0 sqm
TPC33003300 w180 m + 150 m22.0 - 26.0 sqm

In order to select the correct cable kit size to go with your Varme Loose Lay System you must first measure the free floor area of the room.

Note: When calculating the size, please remember to exclude the area taken up by any fixed objects such as baths, showers, kitchen units etc. You then need to multiply this area by 155 and choose the cable that falls as close to this number as possible, this will then fit into your Varme Loose Lay system.

For larger areas than those detailed on the chart please contact us for further information as these areas have a different electrical installation than standard sizes.

Hassle free tiling on green or cracked screeds. The Loose Lay System is designed to provide underfloor heating and fast track preparation for cracked
concrete substrates, chip board floors and green screeds that have not fully cured. The
matting absorbs lateral movement resulting in a crack free tiled floor.

If your substrate is not compatible with cement
based flexible tile adhesive it is possible to
adhere the loose lay system to the substrate using an
acrylic based emulsion adhesive. Check adhesive
manufacturer’s guidelines on correct substrate
preparation to ensure a strong bond is achieved.



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