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underfloor heating

Varme FH-03 Touch Screen Thermostat

Exclusive to Floor Heating Systems Ltd, The FH-03 Electric Floor Heating Thermostat – Our 230v Touchscreen, programmable room thermostat for electric floor heating. The FH-03 Underfloor heating thermostat has been designed specifically with electric under floor heating in mind, able to control up to 16amp.
Colour options are available at additional costs.

Instruction Download (.pdf)

  1. Floor sensor only. Ideal when you only want to control the floor surface temperature (conservatories for example.)
  2. Air and Floor. The thermostat controls the air temperature whilst using the floor sensor to prevent overheating of the floor system.
  3. Remote Air and Floor. Ideal for remote control of the air and floor temperature (bathrooms for example.)
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  • FH-03
  • Blue back-lit Touchscreen
  • Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote Floor Probe
  • Heating: Weekday/Weekend or 7 Day Programming (Selectable in software)
  • Holiday Function
  • Hold Function
  • automatic blue back-light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
  • Flush mounting
  • °C / °F Selectable
  • Key Locking Facility
  • Frost protection with adjustable temperature setting.
  • Easily increase or decrease the required temperature
  • Supply: 110v / 230v
  • Output: 110v / 230v (16A MAX @ 230v)
  • Floor sensor included
  • Supply: 230v AC
  • Dimensions: 110 x 100 x 17 mm


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